Crane wheel (walking wheel) induction heat treatment

Crane wheel induction hardening heat treatment

  At present, there are many non-crane professional wide and crane users make a wheel, do not carry out heat treatment or the technical conditions are not reasonable (still use the old standards; The hardness of the tread is HRC40 ~ 45, and the depth of hardening layer is 4 ~ 5 mm.Adopt flame quenching and medium frequency surface quenching), so that the wheel does not wear or produce early hardening layer crushed and spalling, life is very short. Especially in metallurgical plants,shipyards, seaports, and railroads.

Crane wheel induction heat treatment

Crane wheel is a kind of forging classification, mainly used in gantry crane – bridge crane – mining machinery and so on. Also known as a wheel, wheel, wheel forging.

Common wheel forgings: 60 steel, 65Mn, 42CrMo.

Crane wheels as the key part of metallurgical industry safety, normal production is an indispensable and important equipment, its working reliability, security, advanced has always attached great importance to by the people, but the restriction of the traditional metallurgical technology, the reform and opening up 30 years before the domestic crane wheelbase under the mode of the former Soviet Union did some small improvement and development. With the deepening of reform and opening up and the introduction of a large number of foreign advanced technology, modern crane wheels have also undergone great changes. Based on the improvement of the metallurgical process in domestic metallurgical enterprises and the requirements of end-users, some views on the development trend of crane wheels are discussed in this paper.

walking wheel induction heat treatment

The wheel of crane generally refers to the foundry crane, feeding crane, slab crane, coil clamp crane, disk crane, and another bridge crane of higher working level serving metallurgical enterprises. Due to the change of steelmaking, casting billet (ingot casting), and steel rolling process in metallurgical enterprises, the wheel of traditional cranes such as stripping crane, soaking pit clamp crane, rigid material rake crane, flat furnace bridge feeding crane, and soaking pit lifting crane have been gradually phased out, and no further analysis is made here. The development trend of a few kinds of cranes used in metallurgical enterprises is discussed.

Below is the wheel using medium frequency induction heating.

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