Characteristics of intermediate frequency induction furnace

  Intermediate frequency induction furnace is also called if coreless induction furnace, mainly used for alloy steel, copper, aluminum, and other black and non-ferrous metal, and its alloy smelting, heat preservation, can also be used for gold, silver, and other precious metals smelting.

The intermediate frequency induction furnace produced by ZHENGZHOU KETCHAN ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD has the following characteristics:

  • High melting speed, uniform solution temperature, small oxidation loss, uniform metal composition;

  • It can be melted directly from the cold furnace, the solution can be emptied, convenient to change varieties;

  • The furnace shell is made of cast aluminum alloy or steel shell, which occupies a small area.

  • Simple operation and maintenance, a good operating environment, little pollution;

  • Can be configured fast-melting type, power distribution type and other forms, flexible configuration, convenient;

  • Compared with the power frequency induction furnace, the medium frequency induction furnace electromagnetic stirring is moderate, the lining service life is long, the operation can automatically track the change of load parameters, there is no need to adjust the compensation capacity;

  • Flexible, convenient, continuous, and smooth power regulation;

  • It is convenient for the furnace body to flip over and dump. Electric, manual, hydraulic, and other dumping methods can be selected according to their needs.

  • It can be started or stopped at any time in any state.

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