Medium Frequency Induction elbow pipe bending equipment mainly consists of mechanical device, hydraulic system, intermediate frequency heating system, PLC control system and cooling system.

  The principle of induction pipe bending machine is electromagnetic induction, which USES the heat generated by the induction heating power supply in the principle of electromagnetic induction to heat the pipe wall. The degree of deformation of the pipe depends on the value of relative bending radius R/D and relative thickness T /D, and the smaller R/D and T /D values are, the greater the degree of deformation is.In order to ensure the forming quality of pipe fitting, it is necessary to control the deformation degree within the permitted range. The bending limit of pipe bending not only depends on the mechanical properties and bending methods of material, but also considers the use requirements of pipe fitting.

  Induction bend technology is mainly used in the oil and gas transmission industry. Industrial pipes require a large number of joints of various bending radii. Joints on large diameter and high and medium pressure pipelines are generally made by construction units or professional factories according to technical requirements.

1. Induction Pipe Bending System

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2. Medium Frequency Induction Elbow Heating Bending System

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3. Large Scale Tube Induction Bending System

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