Application of induction heating technology in automobile manufacturing

  The vigorous development of the automobile industry has brought unprecedented development opportunities to the auto parts industry. Induction heating technology is also being used more and more widely in the field of automobile manufacturing.

Application of induction heating technology in automobile manufacturing

  In smelting, casting is an easy-to-form metal processing method. Parts of various sizes and complex shapes on automobiles can be made by casting method. It can be said that in the development of the automobile industry to make the best use of almost all casting processes in the automobile industry can do their best. The main smelting processes used in the production of casting automobile parts at home and abroad are the cupola smelting process, medium-frequency induction furnace smelting process, and cupola – medium-frequency induction furnace double melting process. Induction smelting furnace is also being increasingly widely used in the casting industry due to its technical advantages.

In terms of heating, according to statistics, the induction heat treatment parts of the former Soviet Union in the automobile industry have accounted for 40% ~ 45% of the heat treatment parts. Induction heating technology developed to today, its application and development degree is self-evident.

Induction heating technology is mainly applied in the following fields in the automotive industry:

(1) Metal smelting.

(2) Heating of forging blank.

(3) Heat treatment of auto parts.

(4) Induction heating curing of auto parts after adhesion.

(5) Induction heating semi-solid forming.

(6) Induction heating assembly.

(7) Induction heating brazing

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