Application of high frequency induction heater in the manufacture of optical cable

  High frequency heating machine-full name “high frequency induction heating machine”, also known as high frequency induction heating equipment, high frequency induction heating device, high frequency heating power supply, high frequency power supply, high frequency welding machine, high frequency induction heating machine, high frequency induction Heater (welder), etc. It mainly inductively heats the metal (non-contact); it can heat the metal extremely fast, with power saving, small size, easy installation, convenient operation, reliable, heating speed The advantages of fast, etc. are widely used.

  With the rapid development of Internet services, 3G (3rdGeneration third-generation mobile communication technology) services, and multimedia applications, the network traffic is rapidly expanding at an exponential rate, which requires the network to have high bit rate data transmission capabilities and large Throughput capacity. After the emergence of optical fiber communication technology, its huge potential bandwidth capacity of nearly 30THz has brought vigorous development opportunities to the communication field. Especially since the information superhighway was proposed, optical technology has begun to penetrate the entire communication network. Advancing trend. Optical fiber communication has gone through more than 20 years in my country. The market is the lifeblood of the industry, and the price is the lifeblood of an enterprise. How to reasonably reduce product costs, improve product quality, and ensure user requirements is the top priority of all enterprises. This article focuses on the comparison between the traditional optical cable ladle injection method and the new process-high-frequency induction heating.

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