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High Frequency (HF) Hardening Machine

Our High Frequency (HF) Hardening Machine adopts a patented hardening transformer, by changing different induction heating coils shape can be suitable for all kinds of metal parts heat treatment. The thermal efficiency is above 96%.

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Product details

Technical points of High Frequency (HF) Hardening Machine

◆ Our High Frequency (HF) Hardening Machine adopts IGBT solid-state inverter technology.

◆ 100% duty cycle, can 24 hours continuously working.

◆ Digital phase lock technology, automatic frequency tracking.

◆ Modular design, easy installation, and operation.

◆ Perfect self-protection functions, stable working, and easy maintenance.

Application of High Frequency (HF) Hardening Machine

  High Frequency (HF) Hardening Machines are mainly used for heating the metal workpiece, to let the metal material hardness changed to reach the hardening purpose.

The detailed application fields are as following:

◆ All kinds of hardware tools, hand tools quenching hardening, like pliers quenching, spanner quenching, hammerhead quenching, ax quenching, screwdriver quenching, scissors quenching, etc

◆ All kinds of automobile and motorcycle parts quenching, like crankshaft, connecting rod, piston pin, sprocket, aluminum wheel valve, rocker shaft, drive axle, small shaft, fork hardening, etc.

◆ All kinds of power tools, such as gear, shaft quenching.

◆ Machine tool industry, such as the machine bed surface, machine guide, etc

◆ All kinds of hardware metal parts, machining parts, such as gear, sprocket, CAM, clamping fixture quenching.

◆ Hardware mold industry, such as small mold, mold accessories, inside hole quenching.

Induction Hardening

Our sales service

(1). Before sales service:

As per the customer’s request, recommend a suitable High Frequency (HF) Hardening Machine for our users.

Provide full technical consultation.

Support workpiece samples testing.

Welcome to visit our factory.

(2). In- sales service

As per the contract, manufacture the machines in detail.

Test the machines to meet all the datum.

Before delivery, check the induction machine each detail, ensure delivery on time.

(3). After-sales service

Engineers are available for overseas service.

Any problems in the warranty period can provide spare parts.

High Frequency Induction Hardening machine

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